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In memoriam B.O.E.F. Dynamics

B.O.E.F. Dynamics was an artist´s initiative in the Netherlands that existed from 1990 to 1997.

B.O.E.F. Dynamics did not have an exhibitionspace, but used various kinds of media.

In march 1990 the "leaflet-project" was started, it would become B.O.E.F. Dynamics´ main activity.
Guest-artists presented their work on a basic leaflet, designed and printed by B.O.E.F. Dynamics, modified by the artist. The leaflets were mailed monthly to exhibitionspaces, galleries, musea etc. A lot of the works that were presented on the leaflets were made especially for that purpose. Therefor the leaflets developed into a series of unique artworks, art-installations on A4. B.O.E.F. worked with a very low budget and the editions (in 1990 starting with 35, later growing to 80) were often printed by the artists themselfs. Participating artists were: Monique Broekman, Martin de Bruijn, Eelco Euling, Marjolijn van Dijk, Gordon Eccles, Pam Emmerik, Berry van Gerwen, Lieke Göbbels, Anna Goos, Elleke van Gorsel, Rob Groot Zevert, Martin Heijne, Hendrik-xs, Hermien van Herpt, Martina Jess, Gaston Klein, Jolanda Kooijmans, Rick W.F. Kup, Roland Maas, Mariëtte van der Meer, Janus Metsaars, Marc Nagtzaam, Will Pluijm, Sebastiaan Poos, Har van der Put, Kyah Romeny, Judith Stolker, Marjan Teeuwen, Ans Verdijk, Helen Vergouwen, Vonny Verweij, Jan Vos, Marisja van Weegberg, Albert van der Weide, P.C. de Wit, Franka Wolke.

Several other projects emerged from the leaflet-project.

Using specially designed costumes, flags, ensigns and kites events took place of which photo-series were made.
The B.O.E.F. mascots drew attention to the name and projects of B.O.E.F. Dynamics.

In 1992 B.O.E.F. Dynamics participated in the opening of the exhibitionspace of the Nieuwe Brabantse Kunststichting (New Brabant Art Foundation) in Breda.
Leaflets were exhibited and a video was made, showing the B.O.E.F. mascots delivering the monthly leaflet at the N.B.K.S.-building.
In 1993 a series of 6 short exhibitions took place at Galerie s´Alotto in Arnhem.
Gallery-owner Winston Huisman made a choice from the artists that had participated up till that moment in the leaflet-project. The exhibitions coincided with the Sonsbeek ´93 manifestation.
In 1996 Anna Goos curated an exhibition of B.O.E.F. participants at the Villa Artspace in Enschede. The exhibition was entitled "Monsters".

In september 1993 work on a book, that was constructed along the same lines as the leaflet-project, was finalized.
In october 1992 all artists that had participated in the leaflet-project were iinvited to make a page for a book. Each artist received 100 empty pages, which could be filled in any way they saw fit. The design of the book was done by Berry van Gerwen. Hundred books constructed with different "printing techniques", often numbered and signed, were the result. Participating artists were: Martin de Bruijn, Eelco Deuling, Marjolijn van Dijk, Gordon Eccles, Anna Goos, Elleke van Gorsel, Martin Heijne, Hermien van Herpt, Roland Maas, Janus Metsaars, Helen Vergouwen, Vonny Verweij, Franka Wolke.

In 1995 the leaflet-projects came to an end and a new project was started up; the magazine "Let´s make an issue of it!".
Calls for material for this project through word of mouth, printed media and through the internet. At the beginning of 1996 the first issue of this low-budget zine appeared.
The magazine would only last for 3 issues. (Issue 1: edition 125, Issue 2: edition: 125, Issue 3: edition 100)
At the end of 1996 the project was ended. Contributions to the 3 issues of "Let´s make an issue of it!" were made by: Ruud Akse, Gerard Bartelds, Monique Broekman, Paul C. Bogaers, Marcel Bors, Eelco Deuling, John Dohmen, Francien van Everdingen, Arnoud Geux, Martin Heijne, Theun Karelse, Kees de Kort, Roland Maas, John Maters, Vincent McGourty, Adriaan Minten, Mark Nagtzaam, Tobias Schalken, Yarre Stooker, Ans Verdijk, Annemarie Vervoort & Hans van der Wielen, Jan Vos, Franka Wolke.

In 1997 B.O.E.F. Dynamics ceased to exist.

B.O.E.F. Dynamics was a reaction to
the lack of exhibitionopportunities,
the established artworld maintaining itself and
the call of governmental organisations for "cultural entrepreneurship".
B.O.E.F. Dynamics used the media and the tools of the supermarket and the hamburger chain,
the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.
B.O.E.F. Dynamics never was an official organisation and never knew any statutes.
B.O.E.F. Dynamics was weed,
litter on the breeze,
and that´s how we liked it.

B.O.E.F. Dynamics was an initiative by Anna Goos and Martin Heijne.
During the events they were assisted by Berry van Gerwen, Roland Maas and Rob Quirijnen.
For the creation of the leaflets, magazines and exhibitions we thank all participating artists.